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Fishing in the Carp Pools

Set adjacent to Bosworth Lakeside Lodges, there are five Carp pools which provide the more serious angler with a quiet location dedicated to fishing.

Friezeland Pool

Friezeland Pool is our oldest and most fished lake with a fantastic stock level giving any angler the ability to catch all day long. This lake is available for night fishing at weekends only and matches.

24 pegs (90% Carp & 10% Tench)

Lower Friezeland Pool

Lower Friezeland is a stunning warm pond with both matches and pleasure fishing allowed, our best winning weight in 2019 was 342lbs. This pool has Carp, Tench and Bream with the majority species being Carp. Available for matches.

24 pegs (85% Carp, 10% Tench & 5% Bream)

Upper Friezeland Pool

This is our most popular night fishing lake with heavy stock levels of Carp ranging in all sizes. 

20 pegs (92% Carp, 8% Bream)

Pam’s Pool

Named after Pam our bailiff this pool offers a fantastic days fishing for all anglers. Stocked with a variety of fish between 2 and 20lbs this warm lake with trees surrounding it, is a fantastic cold day lake to fish. At 8ft deep it is our deepest lake with good all year round fishing. This pool is also available for match bookings and night fishing.

15 pegs (85% Carp, 10% Chubb & 5% Bream)

Pats Pool

Stocked with carp and a small variety of silver fish. Great pool for all experienced anglers. Named after the owners late mother.

15 pegs (95% Carp, 5% Chubb & Bream)

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Friezeland pools are located opposite Bosworth Lakeside Lodges. For all Enquiries please call 01455 290796.


Open 7 days a week in season until 7pm


For any further information please feel free to ring. 


Fishing stock

All of the pools were initially stocked with mainly Carp but over a period of time there has been a slight introduction of bream and perch through all of the pools.


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