Rules & Regulations

These rules are aimed at protecting fish stocks and making your experience more enjoyable

National and local rules (bylaws)

You must follow national and local rules (bylaws) when freshwater fishing with a rod and line in England and Wales.

These rules are aimed at protecting fish stocks and making fisheries sustainable.

You must have a rod licence to fish in England and Wales if you’re aged 12 or older.


Friezeland Pools Rules & Regulations

  • All rod holders MUST have a fishing licence.
  • Only one fisherman per peg, plus one guest.
  • Maximum 2 rods per angler.
  • Each angler is required to have their own landing net, and unhooking mat
  • Please be courteous to our bailiff.
  • STRICTLY BARBLESS HOOKS ONLY! No micro barbs or snapped off barbs. Maximum hook size 12.
  • Only elasticated fishing poles and rods with reels to be used. 
  • Maximum line 15lb, recommended minimum of 6lb, with braid to be used only on the hook length.
  • All persons under 16 must be accompanied by an responsable adult at all times.
  • Bread to be used on hooks only.
  • Floating baits are only permitted with constant vigilance to wildlife.
  • Please do not leave your rods unattended, or leave your peg with any fish caught. Fish should be reintroduced into the lake within 5 minutes of landing. (No sacking or keep nets allowed).
  • Bailiff’s decision is final.


Environment Agency rod fishing bylaws: Severn and Trent catchments

Rod fishing bylaws are the statutory rules and regulations explaining who can fish, where and when you can fish, and what fish you can take in public waters. Owners may impose additional rules but the bylaws must still apply to their water.

Anyone fishing with a rod and line in England and Wales must hold a rod fishing licence and comply with the bylaws for the waters they are fishing.

Anyone failing to comply with these bylaws could face prosecution and receive a fine of up to £50,000.

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